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We offer you quality diagnosis and the best treatments for any case.
We help your pets lead healthy lives for as long as possible.
Animal Medical Center is now open in Shirokanedai!


4-10-11 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo



The head veterinarian

Dr. Kenji Kitami

Closed days

Open through the year

Open hours

AM 9:00~12:00 /PM4:00~7:00 /
Reception closes 30 mins before the closing time.


Please make an appointment beforehand.
(Same day-appointment are available. )

[ Cooperation system ]

We have partnership with two medical center which have advanced equipments to provide quick and accurate inspections. 


- By Car : Near the Shirokanedai intersection. (Located on the back street of Platinum Street.)

- By Train : Nanboku Line / Mita Line Shirokanedai Sta. Exit 1

We will be "a future family doctor who provides familiar advanced medical care".
It has been about 17 and a half years since the hospital was opened in Shirokanedai.
We have been blessed with various good relationships, and many patients have longterm relationships with us. We have been able to continue our activities as a community based hospital to this day.
Two medical policies set out at the time of opening
・We are facing the every questions carefully even if it’s small
・We provide best options to patients as much as possible
In order to realize the latter, it is indispensable to update the latest medical trends and expand facilities, there are limits in small-scale hospitals. In recent years I feel frustrated that I have not been able to present all the options as I expected.
At that time, "Otakibashi Animal Hospital", one of the hospitals that worked as a substitute for medical examinations in the past, is constantly advancing the progress of advanced medical care.
In 2020, the "AMC Group (Animal Medical Center Group) consisting of experienced veterinarians and nurses has been newly started. I was impressed with a system that seamlessly cooperates from preventive medical care to advanced medical care which apply CT and MRI, highly accurate examination and definitive diagnosis and provision of specialized advanced medical care.
Therefore, by joining the AMC Group, our hospital can offers not only examination of "not overlooking even minor abnormalities” by experienced veterinarians.
Also a wide range of services from preventive medical care, examination ,diagnosis, to advanced medical care.
Our mission is to save animal’s lives to the best of our ability.

Director / Veterinarian

Kenji Kitami